Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking at the past and NOW

*look! it's a pirate! No!!! a mermaid?? No!!! It'' past!!*  :P fuu~

The BIG 26 ^_^ 

*actually it's not that BIG, but I just want to make this post a bit theatrical* hehe

I notice a few things after my birth-day last Monday (yay, Happy belated birthday mel!!!! :P)...actually it feels better that it has ended... seriously =) 

I have found enlightenment ORRRRR .... I realize that it's time to set my mind on ONE definite course because time is not kind. I am neither young nor old. Age is definitely is not a factor to create yourself. I can in fact create myself anytime, and the bonus question is....why not NOW?

The ultimate desire to be successful in  life, is what I am in for (who doesn't??). Personally, spiritually and in terms of career, I want to achieve something that I am proud of. Well, I can see that I am doing it now, but more force MEL, more force and will!!

One way for me to be reminded of how far I've gone in life is by reflecting on the past =)'s post will be just about that. Yikes! KEke.

A lot of things have transpired in my 26 years of living (though I could only remember those years after I was 6 years old). 

In school, things were average. I was not mainstream and never intended to be one. To add to it, I actually hated my teenage years because people were absurd and so self absorbent with popularity and rankings, in my opinion. I don't want to say much as it does not matter anymore, now that I have an awesomely-flexible job, wonderful working environment with amazing friends aka colleagues. Of course, my family who has been, always been here no matter what.Thank you God for these blessings in disguise. Everything happened for a reason, and I finally see that the years in school that I despised was actually what builds me to be who I am today. (teehee, suddenly I sound so ...insaf???? holy, I mean :D). 

Yes, I am proud of what I have now. Even though it is still little, 'seciput', or just a tiny grain of sugar, I intend to produce more fruits. 

Now it's time to flip through the past and slowly to.....the present: Weee~
Primary 6 at SRB MJDI. Basketball is awesome!! *the start of 'tomboy' stage* :P


Secondary school; SMSK, with dear crazy and bubbly girlfriends: Anne, Roza, Siti, Ajwin,  Sheila, aimi and Jijie~. *nerd-glasses stage*

Matriculation, KML: One of the best time in my student life, thanks all!!! Mochen, shikin, Vivi and the awesome rest! *ayam masak merah nang nyaman k*
Brandon Boyd stage ^_^! haha!

TESL UNIMAS 2008!!!!!!! Amazing experience of all time! *hyper stage* You all rock!

My first posting in Sibu: SMKJO. These are the most sporting teachers in the school <3 miss you all bubbly girls!
A Euphoria box of chocolate continues here in UNIMAS 2010 till present =)

since the honourable Kumbaya and sweet Maliana are not here, here's to you babes <3

Amazing peeps and nothing but aura of tranquillity (now it shifts to cheeky and neyo girls) keke. <3
Yours truly,
melisa malini 

How we evolve and ever-changing. Life is all about creating yourself instead of finding yourself.
mel out~

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two Things....

There are many people/things that I love. Myself, You and God.  Food, travelling, dresses, sports, doing nothing, chilli, fantasy, fireworks, singing off-keys, good company during meals, love & relationship, bikini and *add more here*.

There are two things that I am scared of. Uncertainty and Lost.

How restless it is that I am afraid of uncertainty. I am scared of things that I don't know, I guess most people feel the same way too.

Yes, it excites us and thrills us to not know what will happen, only if we know that it won't be something heartbreaking.

I don't want to fall again - I don't. I don't want to lose again. I will hold on and hope for the best. I just need to absorb strengths from my surroundings :P Please don't fail me.

MEL, YOU NEED TO BUCKLE UP, UP AND AWAY!!!!!!!! *slaps herself* DALE!

mel out~

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The meaning of

no thought process

just realize that rambling on feelings is easy to do since it doesn't require any intellectual thinking. Worse, it will go on and on and on and wonder gossips are easy to understand & interesting rather than cleaning my room, which requires a LOT of thinking on where to place item A, item B and the list goes on.

Or I just don't want to think on a nice Saturday afternoon.

*picks up her guitar and involves in a no thought process*

mel out~

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today I will

Be strong
Be bold
Have faith
Straighten up
It's never too late
Love and respect yourself

*chant/hum this mantra and roll on the floor or do 'planking', then go out and infect others* wee!

mel out~

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wanna Marry Me? What's Going On Bruno Mars??

Diligence strikes! Took my guitar and started singing to this familiar melody of "Marry Me". FYI, I cant stand the lyrics, sooooo...added Four Non-Blondes' "What's Going On" =) I think i'll marry you????? really?? Think again ...haiya :P 

Beautiful melody, regardless. Oyasuminasai mina-san!

Mel out~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Change or Improve??

Slowly I start to see the picture =) Serendipity is always there, but being defined as "unexpected discovery", it has always missed my sight. *tries to open her eyes as wide as she can* Nah, that won't work la, michom.

Was having lunch with beloved Najwa Minaj, Erliando and Key Man, and a question that popped out of my mouth. "who are we asking someone to change, when we ourselves are not that good?". And Najwa Minaj said "Well, not change but we can improve... =)". Ditto ami! I like that choice of word.

-Improve NOT change-

We learn from mistakes, just try our best to shun them from happening again. Period *pointing at herself* :P keke. Yes, I am self-critical for the sake of improvement. Wreeeee! (oh ya, Najwa Minaj, I want Angry bird sounds apps nowz!).

"When you find a voice that says 'this is who I am' in your heart, have faith that you have found yourself" - melboyd.
Mel out~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Under Construction

Dear bloggie,

I have ended a chapter in my life. It's  painful now, will be less soon. It's not impossible to move on anymore. I am leaving the rest in God's hands. It feels better. No more double life. No more hiding. No more depending. Sadness will go away, soon. More great things will come when I do not intently look.

I have done my best and it is Okay to take a break. It is Okay mel. God is leading the way now, I am following.

I may look like this now:

Not for long, I will sneer like this:

mel out~